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Carriage Hills Old Conroe Road Extension

It has been reported that the city of Conroe is heavily encouraging a construction project that will cause a four lane divided high road to go down the west side of our neighboorhod and then curve across the north side of our neighborhood, and imminent domain would be used to acquire property from 3 lots on Conastoga Ct. Multiple members of the community have voiced frustration and have been trying to encourage community involvement to reroute the traffic. At this time, we are being officially told that the road will not connect to Carriage Hills. However, construction traffic will potentially be routed through the community.

The city of Conroe is hosting a virtual town hall meeting at from April 20th for around 10 days. During that time they are accepting comments from the email address

Residents of Carriage Hills are recommended to send a message to this email address and ask that the road be rerouted further west and north. Do not state the road should not be built. Federal money has been provided to provide a alternate route over the San Jacinto River in case 45 is impassable due to traffic or other reasons. Needless to say, the Texas Department of Transportation will find a way to spend this money regardless of residents concerns. Aside from this contact information, contacting local government to express concern is also highly encouraged. Below are the relevant contacts that were provided at the Carriage Hills board meeting:

TxDOT Houston District Office
Benjamin Burns
(713) 802-5092

State Representative
Steve Toth (Resident of Jacobs Reserve)
(346) 220-0300 or (512) 463-0797

State Senator
Brandon Creighton
(281) 292-4128 or (512) 463-0104

Montgomery County Judge
Mark Keough
(936) 539-7812

County Commissioner
Charlie Riley
Administrative Manager:
Administrative Assistant:
(281) 259-7816 or (281) 259-6492

Consultant responsible for project planning for Old Conroe Road
Michael Keck

More content can be found online at

Update April 21 2021:
A resident met with the the city of Conroe and received additional information:

  • The FBI sent a letter to TxDOT saying the road could not be in close proximity to their shooting range.
  • A property owner outside of Carriage Hills has "significant hazardous materials" on their property and Conroe does not want to pay the clean up costs to utilize that property.
  • They do not wish to construct the road through the sand pits to the northwest because they would have to work around or fill any preexisting holes.

    Also, for those who may think this is not a significant issue, I would recommend viewing the map at It shows that after coming this way to cross the river, they may then cut south, potentially across Carriage Hills Blvd. This is not what is currently being discussed, but could come in a later phase of construction. See illustration below:

    Conroe Thoroughfare Plan